Thursday, October 23, 2008, Inc.

I am no stock picker and I do not claim to be. But it seems as if, Inc (AMZN) has gotten banged up pretty good over the past year or so. As of right now it is selling closer to its 52 week low than its 52 week high, and they are not forecasting great results forthcoming. That makes no sense to me. I would think that as we approach, or are already in a recession people would become much more aware of where their dollars are going. Me personally, if I want a book, I am going to order it from (and I would have even before this recession), because I can get it much cheaper all I have to do is wait a few days for it to ship. Not that Barnes and Noble or Borders are rip offs, but if you have just a little patience you can save yourself like 50% of your order cost. This is just books that I am talking about too, how about all of the other items you can buy online that you can get at huge discounts from the brick and mortar stores.

Also, we have this new population of people, people that have grown up from their very young childhoods using computers, so they may be more comfortable placing an order online then some of the older folk, who just started using computers and are not yet as comfortable. As this generation of computer savvy people starts taking up more and more of the population, I feel as if more and more things will be purchased at quite a discount online. I have not actually read the business model, but I am going to assume they take a piece of every sale on the site, otherwise it wouldn't make sense for them to sell items on the site. All of this information is pointing to more money in Amazon;s pockets and more traffic to the website, therefore more people talking about their experiences on Amazon, then leading to NEW customers to In summation, I feel that, Inc (AMZN) is worthy of people taking a look at it and maybe picking up a few shares somewhere down the line. Not only did I just discuss how more people are going to be shopping on there, but come on, again - we are in a recession, everyone is going to be looking for a cheaper deal on things, and that's online.

Think about it. Like I said, I'm not expert, but I think it might be something if you were to buy and hold for a very long time, you would be a happy investor.

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