Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Make Extra Money?

As we are graduating college, enjoying summer break, awaiting a job, gainfully employed; whichever of those fits you best, money is of the essence. We all have bills, and as we get older the more bills we are accountable for. So obviously any type of free money or easy money is great to help subsidize out income. Whether you are fighting to pay the bills, or you can pay your bills but you are trying to get some money into the stock market to invest for tomorrow or to have that help subsidize your income, free money deals are great. I will begin to post any free money deal I find around the Internet and if you find any, e-mail me, or post to me and let me put it on my site so the other people who read this can get some free cash too. Help out your fellow man who's trying to stay afloat.

Current ones that I know of are:
ING Direct-Open an account with $250 you get a free $25; no fees, no minimums, its a great account and you can get free money to get the ball rolling.

Virtual Bank - Open an account with $100, they give you $20

OptionsXpress- Is giving $100 if you open an account wtih $500 and make one trade.

Let me know if you want info on any of these or if you know of any free money deals we can get.

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