Friday, February 29, 2008

Use my Newsreels

I always used to go on the Internet and search for articles or stories on investors that I liked or wanted to learn what their moves were...well I found out about these newsreels and I set it up so that articles on all the guys I used to search for are now generated on the side of my site...go check them out...those are only a few of the people that I like to read about, but I figure it will give you a good start to learn more about my strategies and mindsets.

If you have any more people that you like to read about, or companies that you like to read about let me know and I will set up newsreels for them, but it saves you a bit of time then having to go to a search engine and type them in yourself.

Click on the persons name that you like, and it will give you four articles from them.

Happy reading.

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