Saturday, December 15, 2007


A lot of people have the idea that you need a large sum of money ($1,500...$2,000 or more), to invest in mutual funds. Charles Schwab started a MoneyLink program where you can invest in there funds with an automatic transfer from a checking account to an account with them, and all you need is as little as $100 a month. If you can't swing the $100 a month, T. Rowe Price and TIAA CREF also have waived the minimums on mutual fund accounts for automatic investing. Both TIAA CREF and T. Rowe allow you to start investing with automatic investments into their funds of only $50 a month. Thats a bit over a dollar a day, and I dont like talking about that "Latte Effect" or whatever it is called, but almost anyone can come up with that much a month...thats less than a night out on Chippewa.

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